Alden Parkes Customer Limited Warranty, Our Commitment to You

This Alden Parkes, LLC (“Alden Parkes”) Customer Limited Warranty (the “Warranty”) covers products sold by Alden Parkes. This Warranty is given only to the original retail dealer/designer. Alden Parkes warrants the following Alden Parkes products and parts against defects in workmanship and materials when put to “ordinary residential use” from the date of the original invoice (available from the selling authorized dealer/designer) until the warranty expiration date and subject to the limitations and exclusions stated below. For the purposes of this Warranty, “ordinary residential use” means use in a single-family dwelling with product maintenance performed and absent of misuse, accidents or negligence. Any maintenance or cleaning performed outside of manufacturer’s instructions may void this warranty. These instructions are available at Alden Parkes may repair or replace, at Alden Parkes’ discretion, any covered product or part found to be defective in workmanship or materials upon examination by an authorized Alden Parkes representative or Specialized Furniture Repair Company.

The Alden Parkes Customer Limited Warranty


Wood Products: Alden Parkes warrants wood products for one (1) year when put to ordinary, indoor residential use, subject to the limitations set forth below.

Stone, Glass, and Mirror Surfaces: Alden Parkes warrants stone, concrete, glass, mirror and all other non-wood surfaces for one (1) year when put to ordinary residential use. Please note that many stone surfaces have natural pits and voids which may or may not be filled with resin depending on the desired look and design of the product designer. These pits and voids are not considered defects unless excessive in size. Mirrored surfaces will often be antiqued and silver-leaf mirror backs will often have small character marks that are not considered defects. Mirror glass is sometimes hand cut/beveled and will show slight movement/waves in the bevel edge which is not considered a defect.

Finishes: Alden Parkes warrants standard finishes on wood surfaces for one (1) year when put to ordinary residential use. Please note that the beauty of veneer and all wood products comes from the variations created by nature including color, grain, and texture. These variations are not considered defects and this Warranty does not cover color, grain, and texture variations associated with natural wood and grain seen in any finish color.

Hardware: Alden Parkes warrants casegoods hardware including pulls, handles, hinges, and locks for three (3) years when put to ordinary residential use. When available, replacement hardware will be provided for valid Warranty claims. If matching replacement hardware is not available, then Alden Parkes will provide a set of similar hardware for the single wood product unit. Alden Parkes warrants functional drawer glides for three (3) years when put to ordinary residential use.


Upholstery: Alden Parkes warrants standard, unaltered (not recovered) upholstery for one (1) year when put to ordinary, indoor residential use, subject to the limitations set forth below. Upholstery in this warranty applies to sofas, loveseats, and fully upholstered chairs manufactured in the USA.

Upholstery Frames and Springs: Alden Parkes warrants unaltered (not recovered) upholstery frames and springs for ten (10) years when put to ordinary residential use.

Cushion Cores: Alden Parkes warrants cushion cores against loss of resiliency for two (2) years when put to ordinary residential use. During the next three-year period (that is, the third, fourth and fifth year following your purchase) you may purchase a replacement cushion and the purchase price will be prorated based on the number of years remaining in an expected life of the product of five (5) years. Please note that the loss of resiliency should not be confused with the slight and expected softening and flattening of the polyester fiber, feather and down mixture, and foam components that occur as a result of normal use and aging. Such flattening and softening is not a material or manufacturing defect, and is not covered by this Warranty.

Fabrics and Leathers: Alden Parkes warrants the fabrics and leathers within Alden Parkes’ standard product lines to be free from the following defects for one (1) year when put to ordinary residential use: sewn-seam failure, excessive fading (excluding fading from direct sunlight exposure), excessive pilling (unless pilling is a natural characteristic of the fabric), tearing or ripping and yarn failure. Please note that the following are not material or manufacturing defects and are not covered by this Warranty: fabric characteristics that are inherent to their unique nature, such as color variation, natural fiber graining, yarn slubs and textural changes such as “naps” (the raised, fuzzy surface on fabrics such as velvet) that will show as visible hue or color changes after use (crushing and shading); slight and gradual wear including “pilling” (the formation of small balls of fuzz on the fabric surface) due to the friction of normal use; stretching and wrinkling due to normal use; and natural leather characteristics that are inherent to its unique nature, such as natural markings, color or grain variations, wrinkles and changes in color, texture, and stiffness with normal use. Certain leathers are less susceptible to these changes and information about which leathers are most suitable for your desired use and outcome can be be provided by an authorized representative of Alden Parkes’ products.

Chair Swivel and Casters: Alden Parkes warrants chair swivel and casters for a period of three (3) years when put to ordinary residential use.

General Limitations and Exclusions

The following limitations and exclusions apply to this Warranty:

  • The remedies provided in this Warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedies for any and all losses or damages resulting from non-conforming goods or from any other cause and are in lieu of all other remedies, warranties or representations, express, implied or statutory, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and all other obligations or liabilities, whether in contract or in tort, all of which are expressly disclaimed. Alden Parkes disclaims and shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any sort.
  • This Warranty is to the original purchaser from authorized dealers only.
  • This Warranty is not transferrable.
  • This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage resulting from negligence; abuse; commercial or contract use; conditions resulting from any use for which the product was not designed; tampering or alteration; accidents; pets; after-market protective treatments; staining or discoloration caused by non-manufacturer approved cleaning products or techniques; surface spills; misuse; fading from direct sunlight (except as provided in the warranty for outdoor furniture); body oils; tanning lotions or other chemicals; and chipping, denting, scratching, and gouging that occur from handling after shipment of the product.
  • This Warranty does not cover floor or display samples, or products designated “as is” at the time of purchase.
  • Customer own material (“COM”) and customer own leather (“COL”) are excluded from this Warranty.
  • Alden Parkes’ obligations under this Warranty are limited to repair or replacement of the product(s) or part(s) covered by this Warranty that are, in Alden Parkes’ sole discretion, found to be defective in workmanship or materials upon examination by an authorized Alden Parkes representative. Refunds are not available.
  • This Warranty does not cover non-compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes, certifications and manufacturing standards if the product(s) or part(s) are misused, improperly installed, or modified in any respect after shipment from Alden Parkes or after Alden Parkes approved assembly.

Claim Procedure

Warranty claims must be made in writing through the Alden Parkes authorized dealer from whom the furniture was purchased or through an authorized representative. To exercise your rights under this Warranty, please retain your dated receipt or proof of purchase indicating item style and fabric or leather description as you will need to submit such dated receipt or proof of purchase when making a claim.