Suffolk Collections

Care and Cleaning Instructions

The Suffolk Collections furniture pieces are made of the finest materials and will provide years of use and enjoyment with the proper care.

The acacia wood is hand distressed and finished in a driftwood look finish. Use of Guardsman furniture products is recommended to clean and wax the wooden surfaces. Silicone based polishes are not recommended for any fine heirloom furniture pieces.

The metal surfaces are made of either brass with an antique zinc finish that is hand washed through to the brass or stainless steel with artificial distressing. This beautiful multi-colored surface is then hand distressed and polished to give each piece a unique look.

The metal surface should be treated as you would treat an heirloom piece of wood furniture. Use of Guardsman furniture products is highly recommended. Guardsman furniture cleaner is recommended to clean and beautify the surface. Guardsman furniture wax or a similar fine furniture wax should be applied to tabletop surfaces yearly or sooner depending on amount of use. Please avoid the use of harsh cleansers, Windex or other glass cleaners with ammonia to clean the surface. These cleaning methods may damage the surface of the tabletop.

Alden Parkes will not be responsible for any finish erosion or deterioration due to improper cleaning procedures.

Do NOT roll dining table tops on their edge. Alden Parkes will not be responsible for damage due to improper handling.