Sarasota Mirror

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Project Description

Following the graceful designs of the Sarasota bench, these mirrors available in three sizes, are made of solid hand-carved mahogany with beveled glass mirrors.


Item Code: M-LSRTA

Finishes Available: Aged French Mahogany 

Size Imp: 51 1/8″W x 2″D x 87″H

Size Metric: 130W x 5D x 221H

Total Weight: 97 lbs.

Packing Dimensions: 19.423 Cu. Ft.


Item Code: M-SRTA

Finishes Available: Alden White

Size Imp: 35 3/8″W x 1 1/8″D x 52 1/2″H

Size Metric: 90W x 3D x 133.5H

Total Weight: 55.1 lbs.

Packing Dimensions: 2.860 Cu. Ft.