Project Description

Softly brushed brass with a slight patina finish border a grey vellum and beveled glass.


Item Code: M-LESLEY

Finishes Available: Vellum with brass accents

Size Imp: 46″W x 7/8″D x 58″H

Size Metric: 116.8W x 2.2D x 147.3H

Total Weight:  70.5 lbs

Packing Dimensions: 8.8 Cu. Ft.


Item Code: M-LESLEYM

Finishes Available:Vellum with brass accents

Size Imp: 28″W x 7/8″D x 48″H

Size Metric: 71.1W x 2.2D x 122H

Total Weight:  59.5 lbs

Packing Dimensions: 4.591 Cu. Ft.