Project Description

An object in motion is a beautiful thing and the Hollingsworth Swivel Chair is beauty in motion to be sure.  Stylish arms, tight back with accent buttons, box border cushion all create a timeless style and inviting look that is certain to have broad appeal.  The swivel base makes Hollingsworth suitable for many applications and useful in all of them.  Hollingsworth combines versatility and beauty, never a bad thing.  Available through Alden Parkes, made in America.


Fabrics Available: Alden Parkes Fabrics or Leathers

Fabric Shown: Regal Candlelight Leather

Size Imp: 34 1/4″W x 33 1/2″D x 32 1/2″H

Arm Height: 23 1/2″H

Seat Height: 20 1/2″H

Seat Depth: 22 1/2″H

Size Metric: 87W x 85.1D x 82.6H