LGB Interiors – Linda Burnside

The Columbia Metropolitan 2021 Dream Home

A Manhattan Inspired Family Room

Featured from Alden Parkes:

“Designer Linda Burnside with LGB Interiors captures the heart of the great room, creating a space that is both visually and colorfully exciting, which is further enhanced by looking out to her elegant screened porch. A mix of gold velvet, navy leather, and metallic set the tone for this Manhattan-inspired great room with a cool twist on traditional masculine style.” – Columbia Metro Magazine

See more of this project in the online edition of South Carolina’s Premier Magazine Columbia Metropolitan.

Linda Burnside Interiors creates homes that are destinations, with a curated global mix of art and furnishings that reflect your style and fuel your passions. The firm is led by award-winning international designer Linda Burnside. Linda infuses her designs with inspiration from her extensive travels around the world.

Kurt Jacob Miller – Jacob Lukas Design

Presenting the October 2021 Alden Parkes Showroom

“Furniture is Art”

Chicago designer Kurt Jacob Miller has worked closely with Alden Parkes over the past 4 years. As a participant in the “Showhouse in a Showroom,” the takeaway was always impressive, but centered more on the designer, and generously donated or loaded product and accessories. Miller had a vision for the October 2021 Showroom. He drew inspiration from classic art exhibits and wanted the focus to be on the beautiful pieces of furniture from Alden Parkes. Miller presented inspiration photos to Alden Parkes owners Lynne and Khrys McArdle. The images he presented were of MET gallery shows of rooms with simple box risers and colorful use of lighting.

Kurt Jacob Miller explains that he was able to “white out” the majority of the 11k sq ft showroom, and use accent walls that were inspired by the New York Fashion Week colors, bright jewel tones. These pops of color lead the eye through the 15 rooms, and inspirational quotes from business leaders, artists, authors and designers were vinyl lettered in each room. The addition of 40+ risers and a system of hanging furniture on the walls as art helped to create a fun, colorful mood. The result was emphasis on the product and beautiful pieces in the vast Alden Parkes collections, and less on the fluff that they don’t even sell, such as chandeliers, fabrics, dishes, art, accessories.

Kurt Jacob Miller’s vision was a huge success. More than one Sales Rep commented, “You can really see the furniture.” And that was the goal. Millers background, before residential interior design, is retail visual merchandising and all of his talents showed up in this project.

Kurt Jacob Miller has built a successful career focusing on residential Interior Design, but also has a background in Retail Visual Merchandising, Luxury Goods Marketing, PR, Product Development and Business Development. As well as having appeared on National television spots, and in countless Industry Publications, he is a familiar face at Industry events coast to coast. He resides in Chicago, IL. with his partner, fellow designer and restauranteur Luke Mack, who shares these same passions.

Eve Treschitta – Eve’s Creations

Naples Florida Home

“This custom home in Naples was one of our favorite projects.”

Featured in this project: Jordon Console : Alden Parkes

“We had the privilege of designing an amazing space in Colorado for our clients, who then hired us to design their interior at their Naples, Florida residence. What an honor! Our clients love their Florida retreat and we loved working with them to create a bright and colorful and comfortable home”

To say Eve Treschitta got an early start in the industry would be an understatement.

As a child, her father built high-end homes, and her step-mother was an interior designer—which meant she divided her time between visiting her dad’s job sites and hanging levolors for her step-mom for a dollar a blind.

Today, as the creative force behind Eve’s Creations, she gets the same thrill from solving problems with interior design—determining her clients’ needs, then working to achieve them with architects, builders, landscape architects and more.

And when she’s unsure of her way, she imagines what her father would tell her today. Don’t take the easy way out. Never stop pushing to design in innovative ways. And always keep improving, constantly—both because it’s best for her clients and best for her.