Arles Dining Table

Sandy End & Cocktail Tables 

Care and Cleaning Instructions

The Arles Dining Table and the Sandy End and Cocktail Tables are manufactured to the highest standards. The tabletop is a natural marble that has been distressed by hand using high-pressure water jets and other hand distressing methods. It is a natural stone product and should be treated accordingly. Chipping and cracking may result from abuse such as dropping heavy objects on the surface. Breakage may result from placing heavy objects on the surface. Under no circumstance should the table be used to stand on or to sit on. The table should be treated as you would treat an heirloom table. The marble top should be treated and cared for as you would a top grade granite counter top, however please note that marble is a softer stone than most granites.

We recommend sealing the marble with a high quality stone/granite protector that uses the latest in nano-technology penetration. There are many products available in the market place that will protect your marble tabletop from staining and most of these products provide years of protection. A top quality product will offer protection from penetrating stains such as red wine, however Alden Parkes does not in any way guarantee the effectiveness of these products. These may be purchased at home improvement stores such as Ace, Home Depot or Lowe’s or at most tile/granite countertop specialty stores or kitchen design centers that offer or install granite countertops. Please follow the instructions on the sealant product to test a small surface prior to application to test for any coloration that may result. Cleaning products specifically for Granite or Marble that are free from ammonia, acid, alcohol and that are pH neutral are also recommended.

Alden Parkes will not be responsible for any discoloration or deterioration due to improper cleaning procedures or for chipping, cracking or breakage due to misuse.